Can a Broken Car Key Be Copied?

Got your car key broken recently and unable to unlock your personal vehicle? Depending on how well a car key has been cared for, it can even last for years. But just because a key is nothing, but a piece of metal, it can get damaged too. If you had previously seen a damaged car key and have now got your own car key damaged, there is no other option, but to get it copied and replaced. Now, there can be a number of related aspects that need to be cared for while looking for car key replacement options. Your key front might have been broken inside the car lock too. So, instead of thinking about ways to get the shape of your car key copied at your end, you need to call an automotive locksmith in Calgary for car key replacement. You may end up causing more expensive damage to your car locks, but a professional won’t.

Cost of Car Key Replacement

A car owner cannot easily determine the cost of key replacement just by looking at it. Car keys break a number of times and this just does not mean you need to replace your car lock unless extremely needed. An experienced locksmith will analyze the broken key and then send it for key replacement processing to design new car key. They have the right tools and equipment to get such tasks done. The cost of key replacement can be different as per specific needs. But you will get served at best rates by calling for trusted locksmiths.

Other Damages – Car Lock Repair

A common case that leads to broken car keys is when the key tip gets broken inside the keyhole of car lock. Even the lock is not damaged or slightly damaged in such cases, that broken piece of metal needs to be taken out to make the lock to function with new car keys.


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